Mercedes Benz Buses

41, 44 and 54 seater Mercedes Benz Buses


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The name Mercedes Benz has created a world popular quality since many decades. The word “Safety” is guaranteed by Mercedes Benz for the customers and these are the only buses they can rely until they reach their destination and in any kind of scenario’s. The biggest success given to this buses- on and off the road, excellent drive line, off-road capability, impressive reliability, superior air suspension technology, highest standards of safety, the branded luxury, comfort and excellent economy. The sparing and powerful engine makes the travelling better and comfort.

Customers travelling in a Mercedes Benz can just sit back and relax secure in the knowledge that they are guided by the lucky star.

Mercedes buses are committed towards ensuring you a safe, relaxing and comfortable journey for the people. These Mercedes-Benz buses have redefined the standards of buses in terms of interiors, comfort, space, user friendly and extremely luxurious.

According to the requirements of the Indian Transportation infrastructural requirements, Mercedes-Benz buses are available in single and multi-axle models here. And these buses are also available according to the seating’s required by the customers (41, 44 and 54)

Comfort and Convinience:Multiple charging points, high cushioning, powerful air conditioner, heater, Individual reading lights, Individual A/C Vents, CD & DVD Players, Push back seats, leg rest, LED Screen, Bottle and file Holders and much more

Safety:Superior air suspension technology for safe and comfort journey, ABS, safety seat belts, single/multi axle, intelligent technology drive-in, Active Break Assist, hydraulic brake system, Air Discs, Reverse camera.


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Single Axle buses:

Engine: 6 Cylinders, vertical in line, turbo charged & Intercooled (7200cc)

Transmission: ZF 6-1550 (with Voith R 120 retarder)

Seating: 41- 44 Seating


Double Axle buses:

Transmission:GO-190-6 servo shift

Seating: 54 Seating

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