Scania Buses

41, 44 and 54 seater Scania Buses


Scania Metrolink 4x2 12 m Bangalore, India Photo: Arun H.C. 2012Scania Metrolink 12 m, drivers area Bangalore, India Photo: Arun H.C. 2012Scania Metrolink 4x2 12 m Bangalore, India Photo: Arun H.C. 2012








The Buses and coaches of Scania are globally famous for their outstanding operating economy. Each part or component of Scania is engineered to enhance the performance of the vehicle and to be the best in the world standards for driveability, Road Handling, fuel economy, comfort levels, luxury, safety and reliability.

Scania buses are renowned globally and are well know. So people have to sit back, enjoy their comfort and luxury where as Scania will look after their safety through out the journey.

Comfort and Convenience: Noise and vibration free interiors, Spacious and luxurious seats with arm rest, Complete air conditioning, Individual light and A/C vents, reclining seats, bottle and file holders and much more.

Safety: EBS(Electronic Braking System), ESP(Electronic Stability System), TPM(Tyre Pressure monitoring), Alcolock, Camera System, full air suspension, Single axle, seat belts and much more.


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Engine: 5-cylinder turbocharged engine

Transmission: 6-Speed manual gear box

Seating: 4×2 of several lengths

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