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Volvo Buses (Volvo 9400 and Volvo 9400 6×2) are introduced as a World class inter-city bus based om chassis and rear engine, redefining the luxury of bus segment. Volvo has a whole new range of technology and level of comfort and luxury. Volvo buses redefines efficient bus travel with high vehicle comfort, safety, transport economy, a flexible and versatile design that offers reliable, safe and profitable transport solutions.

Noise and vibration free interiors with comfort designed seats, perfect temperature control through roof-mounted air-conditioning system and with heated insulated windows make the journey of the passenger cool comfort and also the driver, which makes the journey feel safe.

Volvo’s main priority is passengers safety. So, the driver compartment is designed for stress-free operation. The incredible rugged physical strength and rigid vehicle structure ensures a superior body. With EBS (Electronically-controlled brake system) further serves the safety of Volvo 9400 and Volvo 9400 6×2.

Comfort and Convenience: Leather Fabric upholstery, Head rest and neck rest, Individual seat belts, Fully reclining/ push back seats, Spacious and Comfortable seats, washroom, Powerful air conditioned systems, Individual light systems and A/C vents, leg rests.

Safety: Disc Brakes with EBS 5 and ESP, Full air suspension, seat belts, single/multi axle, Reverse camera, Noise and vibration free interiors, ergonomically designed seats, perfect temperature control through roof-mounted air-conditioning system, EMS2, Radial tyres.



Single Axle buses:

Engine: Volvo D7E 290 Engine

Transmission: 6-speed manual

Seating: 41- 44 Seating


Double Axle buses:

Engine: Volvo D9B 340 Engine

Transmission:6-Speed manual, fully synchronised (ZF 6S 1600)

Seating: 54 Seating


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