Economy Cars


Why hire our services?

What do you think about first when you are opting for any services in general, first we see if its economical for our needs, then we check into other options. SGR Travels offers you the cheapest and most reasonable rates for the services offered.

  • We provide you with a lot of options with a wide variety of cars from 4 seated to a 7 seated car.
  • If you are low on budget and want to cut your expenses further, we also provide you with the option of A/c and Non A/c cars where you can weigh your comforts against luxury.
  • With the cheapest services in town we will not deny the quality of our service either we assure you that we will provide you our service without any problems and leave you satisfied.

Services offered


  • Toyota Innova Airport Transfer Taxi
  • Toyota Innova Outstation Travel Car
  • Toyota Innova Travel Package
  • Toyota Innova Local use Car taxi
  • Toyota Innova Corporate Hire cars
  • Toyota Innova hire for Client Visits
  • Toyota Innova Business travel and functions
  • Toyota Innova Contract Taxis
  • Toyota Innova Tour Packages
  • Toyota Innova Wedding services



  • Nissan Sunny Airport Transfer Taxi
  • Nissan Sunny Outstation Travel Car
  • Nissan Sunny Travel Package
  • Nissan Sunny Local use Car taxi
  • Nissan Sunny Corporate Hire cars
  • Nissan Sunny Hire for Client Visits
  • Nissan Sunny Business travel and functions
  • Nissan Sunny Contract Taxis
  • Nissan Sunny Tour Packages
  • Nissan Sunny Wedding services



  • Swift Dzire Airport Transfer Taxi
  • Swift Dzire Outstation Travel Car
  • Swift Dzire Travel Package
  • Swift Dzire Local use Car taxi
  • Swift Dzire Corporate Hire cars
  • Swift Dzire Hire for Client Visits
  • Swift Dzire Business travel and functions
  • Swift Dzire Contract Taxis
  • Swift Dzire Tour Packages
  • Swift Dzire Wedding services



  • Toyota Etios Airport Transfer Taxi
  • Toyota Etios Outstation Travel Car
  • Toyota Etios Travel Package
  • Toyota Etios Local use Car taxi
  • Toyota Etios Corporate Hire cars
  • Toyota Etios Hire for Client Visits
  • Toyota Etios Business travel and functions
  • Toyota Etios Contract Taxis
  • Toyota Etios Tour Packages
  • Toyota Etios Wedding services



  • Toyota Liva Airport Transfer Taxi
  • Toyota Liva Outstation Travel Car
  • Toyota Liva Travel Package
  • Toyota Liva Local use Car taxi
  • Toyota Liva Corporate Hire cars
  • Toyota Liva Hire for Client Visits
  • Toyota Liva Business travel and functions
  • Toyota Liva Contract Taxis
  • Toyota Liva Tour Packages
  • Toyota Liva Wedding services

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